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Had Fun On Amature Allure?

How I got Allured

(and why it's so successfull...)

I was just thinking to myself today how the whole amateur phenomenon within porn is kind of ironic. We have all of these other videos getting better and mainstream videos are becoming more and more produced. Conversely, a few years ago people really got into amature allure. I can think of a few reasons why this may be, but I must admit I’m not necessarily in any of these categories but I do like amature allure and find all the amatuer stuff in general very sexy.

Realism of Settings

I get this piece of it most. It’s probably what I’m most into. While the quality of the video itself may be lacking, the feel of authenticity provides a different intrigue while you’re watching it. You usually see cheap desks, cloth chairs and clutter. The surroundings make it feel more realistic.

On a side note (albeit related), I was recently started watching this porn online that I was really getting into and then I got distracted. These two girls were doing it on a dorm bed and I noticed a book on the shelf. It was something I’d seen a thousand times before. It was my grandmother’s book. Yeah, seriously. My grandmother was an economics professor and she still has some literature in circulation. This one has a particularly noticeable cover and I was positive it was it. Needless to say, this killed my boner. No worries though, I was onto the next vid within about 30 seconds.

People Look Real

Along the same theme of realism, you see people that actually look like people you’d see on the street. You might see a few extra pounds on a milf or a dude that hasn’t worked out in a few years. It makes you feel like these are people that might work in your accounting department all day before being sexually deviants on amature allure.

Lack of Quality is a Quality

This may seem counter-intuitive, but if you’re like me, you don’t need to see every pore on a woman’s face to get turned on. Sometimes an amature video can soften some of the lighting and details. I don’t want to see razor burn around a lady’s crouch or little hairs in a butthole.

These are just a few reasons I’ve identified as big reasons for me to give amature allure a shot. I thought I’d hit the streets and ask a few seasoned pros what they thought of it:


I like it. I actually started following this one girl who started her own amature allure channel because she looks just like my girlfriend. I like to imagine she is my girlfriend, which may seem a little weird but I’m also the guy that goes to the strip club looking for strippers that look like my girlfriend too.


It’s not my favorite stuff, but it’s watchable. I personally like to see HD stuff with really high quality. There is some amateurish stuff that can be high quality and really sexy but for the most part you get cheaply done videos from a iphone (or whatever). I don’t really get the whole amature allure.


Let me tell a crazy but true story. It was 2009 or maybe 2010 and this friend of mine was having a party. It’s a yearly party he has that brings friends together from all over the US. It started back in high school (20 yeas ago) and has tendency to get rowdy. All the kids are left at home and most people end up staying the whole weekend.

So, this one year there was a girl there I thought I knew. Since everyone knows each other very casually at theses parties, I kept pestering her. It was a playful banter and she wasn’t offended by me (I hope) but it was genuinely bothering me that I couldn’t figure out how I knew her. I had been 2000+ miles away from most of these people all year and she wasn’t exactly well travelled.

Then after a few hours, a buddy came up and was like “do you know about that girl?” and I was all like “no, but I know here from somewhere and it’s driving me crazy.” The he told me that she was one of the hottest viewed girls of all time on the site. She was pretty hot, but I had a hard time believing she was a porn star. Turns out, her channel had over 18 million views and she even had her own website that brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. So, she was rich, hot , horny, and sexually enlightened. I went back and tried to talk to her pretending I didn’t know what I just found out. The first thing she asked was what my friend had told me. I caved immediately, but we did get it on that night. It was hot.